France Telecom had dominated the electronic networking systems since the Mintel Network was released more than 50 years prior. Even though there was fear that it would not be able to expand past France, it successfully did so taking the world by storm. Once every person in the developed world was equipped with a terminal and had access to the Minitel network, the connection throughout the globe was revolutionary. Each country, which was almost all, that adopted Minitel saw extreme benefits as their public, or government, run platform was successfully utilized for private innovation. As technologies increased the Minitel network remained strong and most importantly neutral. There was very little barrier to entry of this network which created an open and unbiased environment for all. France Telecom became the one and only network that was used globally and worked with each country to establish branches that could regulate and enforce policy. When new technologies were developed, such as computers and telephones, they all were immediately connected to the Minitel network and dispersed to communities for free like the terminals were before them.

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